About Our Church

Welcome to New Hope Presbyterian Church!

We have recently changed our name and our location.  This is why:

     What was once "FIrst Presbyterian Church of Harlingen" - a big downtown church in the city of Harlingen - suffered the fate of so many of our churches, shrinking down to a small band of people who didn't know what to do, to make things "like they used to be".

     In the last year and a half, the congregation has done a great deal of soul-searching, talking with each other, and (most importantly) listening to God.  We felt called to sell the large building and property that we owned in downtown Harlingen, and set out on a new ministry - wherever God called us. 

     We sold our property this summer, and have since been called to relocate to a neighboring town - La Feria - where we have renovated a property that was left empty when another congregation was disbanded.

     Going to this new location, we have decided to give ourselves a new name - claiming the New Hope that is in us, as we continue to lead wherever God is calling us to serve our neighbors and spread the good news of God's love for all people.








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