Preaching Team

Since mid-summer of 2018, our church has been utilizing the services of a Preaching Team to assist Pastor Mary Breden in the delivery of sermons to the congregation.  Our Preaching team consists of Pastor Mary Breden, Ruling Elder Beth Truax, Deacon Bob Dymond, and Ruling Elder Charley Kidder.


Beth Truax is one of the original Children of our Church since she began attending First Presbyterian Church of Harlingen in the early 60's.   A couple of years ago, she felt a calling to become a preacher and upon receiving approval of the congregation she began attending an online educational school, Union Presbyterian Seminary, for a period of two years.   She completed that study in May, 2019.


Bob Dymond is one of our younger members both in age and in membership years.   However, he also felt a calling to become a preacher and one year after Beth began her two -year study, he also enrolled in Union Presbytery Seminar.  He will begin his second year in Sept., 2019.


Charley Kidder, who has never declared a desire to be a full-time preacher nor take on a church, has nonetheless been involved in the preaching team and must be enjoying it since he continues to do it to this day.  He did attend one year of the online study at Union Presbyterian Seminary but only for personal enrichment and completed that study in May, 2019.



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